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Fall colors emerging in Miami Valley

The most recent report from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources shows that all of the Miami Valley have begun to see changing fall colors!

Indian Lake and Hueston Woods are seeing near peak fall color change. The crisp mornings and sunny days we’ve had over the past two weeks have helped to allow for vibrant color change.

The loss of daylight hours is the biggest factor for the shutdown of chlorophyll which allows the beautiful yellows, oranges, reds and purples emerge.

The Miami Valley will likely reach peak fall color change around Oct. 24. Along the highway, in the suburbs and urban areas of the Miami Valley will see the full color change and drop of leaves first.

State parks and nature preserves have better soil so trees are slower to change and drop their leaves. Once the changes begin, as the cooler weather arrives, an abscission layer develops between the leaf and the tree branches.

Wind and heavy rain then towards the middle and end of the month can cause trees to drop their leaves quickly. Your Storm Center 7 team will have updates on our fall forecast throughout the month!