WATCH: Tik Tok video of Wittenberg professor’s son crashing dad’s online lecture goes viral

Tik Tok video of Wittenberg professor’s son crashing dad’s online lecture goes viral

Lucas Mattison was just looking for a way to get out of doing yard work, but he never imagined that he would end up taking the internet by storm during the stay-at-home order.

Lucas pulled a prank on his dad in a viral video on Tik Tok that already had more than four million views in less than one week.

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“We weren’t expecting it -- I’ll say that, but we’re glad it’s happening,” Lucas said.

Lucas’ dad, Mike Mattison, is an associate professor of English at Wittenberg University in Springfield.

While working online with some of his students through Zoom, Lucas appears on camera walking behind his father while wearing different outfits-a scuba suit, graduation gown, an explorer’s outfit and hunter’s gear equipped with a bow and arrow. The students can see from their computers as he appears and reappears with a new outfit. Lucas ran back and forth to the family’s garage to change into each outfit.

Lucas Mattison and Mike Mattison
Lucas Mattison and Mike Mattison

Mike Mattison told News Center 7′s Jenna Lawson that he knew that his son would be pulling some kind of a prank, but he didn’t know what.

His students got a good laugh out of the act, as well as the Mattison family of five who all live under the same roof because of the stay-at-home order, he said.

Lucas originally downloaded the Tik Tok app, a social media application that allows users to make and share videos, when the stay-at-home order began at the suggestion of his sister, Hannah.

The pair had been making videos together, with the exception of this one.

Mike and Lucas have also been featured on multiple national media outlets since the video was posted.

He and his father hope the video makes people smile during these challenging times.

The father and son said there could be a sequel to the video in the near future.