Vandalia community members are seeing an increase in vandalism, theft

Vandalia community members are seeing an increase in vandalism, theft

VANDALIA — People in several Vandalia neighborhoods say they’ve seen an uptick in theft and vandalism in recent weeks.

Neighbors in Koch Avenue, Hialeah Court, Gabriel Street and Vista Avenue say they have had their cars broken into, houses egged, items stolen, flowerbeds damaged and one person reported having a brick thrown through a window.

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One man who spoke to News Center 7 said he has a pretty good idea of who may be to blame.

“Kids are out of school, they’re bored but that gives them no right,” he said.

Now, both he and his neighbors are taking extra precautions.

“I myself have bought motion lights that are covering our cars. I have security cameras with more on the way and I stay up until two or three in the morning, just out in my garage watching.”

Some neighbors have reported the crime to police and now the Vandalia Police Department is making extra patrols in those neighborhoods.

“I have seen more officers in the area,” one neighbor told News Center 7, adding, he won’t feel better until the people responsible are caught.

“I work for what I have and for someone to come and damage that or threaten that, especially with me and my children, it’s not comfortable.”

News center 7 has reached out to the Vandalia Police Department to see if they have any leads on who may be responsible.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.