Someone keeps abandoning chihuahuas around southwest Missouri

BRANSON, Mo. — At least 50 chihuahuas have been found abandoned throughout southwest Missouri and parts of Arkansas, prompting animal control officials to try and find whoever is dumping the dogs.

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Since Sunday, animal control officers have found chihuahuas in Branson, Hollister, Reeds Spring and Ridgedale, KOZL reported. Some were also found in Omaha, Arkansas, on Thursday.

Volunteers needed!!! We had 15 chihuahuas and several puppies come in today and we will need help tomorrow getting...

Posted by Taney County Animal Control on Monday, June 7, 2021

“We’re not sure if this is a breeder dump, backyard breeder or if this is just someone who had them in their home and it just overwhelmed them,” Taney County Animal Control Manager Sherry Simpson said.

Most of the dogs found were healthy, although they were covered in ticks. Some had minor injuries related to being outdoors for days.

At least 10 more chihuahuas have been found at the rapid Robert's on the state line in Ridgedale. We have four of them...

Posted by Taney County Animal Control on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

“We’ve seen one with an injury to its leg,” said Simpson. “We’re seeing a lot of eye issues, so those are going to the vet to be seen, but for the most part generally they have been healthy other than being covered in ticks for we don’t know how long.”

The Branson Police Department confirms it has started an investigation, KTVI reported.

“Right now, what we’re doing is we’re seeking the public’s help,” Lt. E.J. Jones said. “If you happen to know of someone that maybe a week ago had a large number of chihuahuas, but now they have none, we would love for you to contact the Taney County Animal Shelter, Taney County Animal Control or the Branson Police Department Animal Control.”

The animal shelter said the community has shown support offering donations or to adopt some of the dogs. The shelter needs disposable gloves, puppy pads, cleaning supplies and Vienna sausages, KY3 reported.

“Vienna sausages are still needed because that’s what they are using to help catch the dogs. There are still a lot running loose right now,” Sherrie Householder, who volunteers at animal control and another shelter.

Other animal shelters are also helping by hosting some of the dogs and helping to get them adopted.

Volunteers are needed, we are now housing 22 chihuahuas along with our normal shelter animals. If you can help for any...

Posted by Taney County Animal Control on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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