‘A piece of movie history’: Yacht featured in ‘Caddyshack’ up for sale

Fans of the movie classic “Caddyshack” have a chance to get their hands on a giant piece of memorabilia, as the yacht made famous by the movie is up for sale.

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United Yacht Sales listed the vessel at $349,900. The boat, owned by Rodney Dangerfield’s character Al Czervik in the 1980 movie. The 1979 Striker 60′ Convertible is named “Seafood,” and the listing describes it as “tastefully updated throughout.”

The boat was made famous in the movie’s regatta scene, where increasingly crazy antics by Czervik end with the yacht’s anchor being dropped onto a smaller boat.

The yacht is listed with a Florida broker, but the boat itself is anchored in Stevensville, Maryland, WPTV reported.

“The boat’s an icon,” Joe Longobardi, the boat’s listing agent, told WPTV.

While several other people had previously claimed to own the yacht featured in Caddyshack, “Seafood” was revealed as the actual vessel in 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported at the time. When it was found, it was offered for $129,000 and was described as “a total piece of junk” by the CEO of the company that had the boat inspected at the time.

Since the boat was purchased in 2017, the owners have made cosmetic improvements, including new upholstery and a new topper, WPTV reported. The boat’s interior features a life-size cardboard cutout of Al Czervik.

Longobardi told WPTV that the current owner is looking to “do some different things” and will include the cardboard cutout and other movie memorabilia in the boat’s sale.

“It’s a piece of maritime and movie history, so we get a kick out of it,” Longobardi said.