He still loves you: Barney the Dinosaur posts first message since 2010

Barney the Dinosaur

Barney the Dinosaur is making sure people know he’s still around and he still loves you.

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The large purple dinosaur spread his love on social media for Valentine’s Day, Entertainment Weekly reported.

In the video, he said, “I haven’t seen some of you in a long time, but I always make sure to check in on my friends.” He went on to say that he had “A reminder of the super de duper ability we all have to love another and how important it is to show love towards yourself too.”

He added, “I want you to know you are seen. You are special. You are loved.”

Entertainment Weekly reported that the posts were targeted at adults, not Barney’s normal fans of young children.

New episodes of “Barney and Friends” haven’t been made since the show ended in 2010, Scripps News reported, but the old shows can be seen on several streaming platforms, including YouTube.

New versions of Barney are coming in the future, including a live-action feature film and a potential preschool series.

This isn’t the first character that adults grew up with who have “checked in” on them in recent years.

Steve from “Blues Clues” explained in 2021 why he disappeared from the popular show by “going off to college,” praising his original fans who are now grown-ups by saying, “Look at you and look at all you have done and all you have accomplished in all that time.”

Late last month, Elmo from “Sesame Street” checked in with adults to see “How is everyone doing?”

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