Endangered African Penguin chick hatches in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, welcomed an endangered African Penguin chick last week.

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According to a news release from the National Aviary, an African Penguin chick was hatched on September 28. The chick is the first offspring for its mother, Patrick, and her partner, Owen.

The National Aviary said that even though Patrick and Owen are the chick’s biological parents, it will be raised by their colony mates, Sidney and Bette.

According to WPXI, the chick weighed about 77 grams when it hatched. It will be adult-size when it grows to about 18 inches tall and will end up weighing about 10 pounds. This will happen in about three months.

“Each hatching is unique, and we are always working to ensure chicks and parents are set up to thrive. This is particularly important in the very early days of chickhood, when chicks are fragile and require a high level of care,” said Chris Gaus, senior aviculturist at the National Aviary, in the news release.

The National Aviary said that the African Penguin population is declining and this new hatching is a symbol “for the future of the species.”

The National Aviary said that only about 1% of African Penguins remain and about 10,400 pairs are in South Africa, according to WPXI.

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