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‘Let’s go to work;’ State senator files paperwork for U.S. Senate run

OHIO — A state senator has officially filed paperwork to run as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio.

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State Senator and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Matt Dolan announced on social media Monday that he has filed paperwork to become a candidate in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

“I am prepared to fight for a stronger Ohio and a freer, more prosperous nation in the U.S. Senate,” he wrote on social media. “Let’s get to work.”

Dolan released a statement on his campaign website about why he is running.

“Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown’s leftist agenda has created a state of crisis in America. Our sovereignty is under threat, our economy is under stress and our safety at home and abroad is at risk. Ohioans want a problem solver who has successfully faced challenges impacting our quality of life, not the political blame game that lacks common-sense solutions. I have a proven conservative record of success to meet this moment and to get to work on my first day in the U.S. Senate to building a stronger Ohio and more prosperous, safer America.”

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Dolan previously ran in the GOP primary in 2022 and finished third behind J.D. Vance who then won the general election in November.

News Center 7′s James Brown asked him back in January why he thinks a run for federal office will have a different outcome this time around.

“The issues aren’t different. The challenges we face border security, the economy, supply chain, energy independence, those are all still issues top of mind for most Ohio voters. So what I think is going to be different, is that I’m somebody who’s running. I offer solutions, and I have conservative success to point to and say, we can solve these problems,”  Dolan said.

Dolan joins Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and businessman Bernie Moreno in the 2024 are each competing for the nomination in the Republican primary.

The winner will take on the incumbent, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, in next year’s election.

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