VIDEO: Married, off-duty officers thwart armed robbery attempt at Louisville restaurant

Two off-duty officers helped foil the attempted robbery of a Cane's restaurant in Louisville, Ky

LOUISVILLE — A married couple, who were off-duty police officers, have been credited with stopping an armed robbery at a Louisville Cane’s chicken fingers restaurant, according to police.

Det. Chase McKeown and his wife Officer Nicole McKeown, both officers with the Elizabethtown Police Department, were off-duty and eating at the restaurant Saturday located near Louisville’s Mid City Mall, CBS affiliate WLKY-TV reported.

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A masked man then entered the restaurant around 10 p.m., displayed a gun, and demanded cash from the restaurant employees.

"We just looked at each other. 'Is this what's going on?' Let's go," Chase McKeown said in an interview with WLKY-TV. "Instincts took over and we just did like we felt we needed to do."

Det. Chase McKeown and Officer Nichole McKeown (Contributed Photo/WLKY-TV)
Det. Chase McKeown and Officer Nichole McKeown (Contributed Photo/WLKY-TV)

Surveillance video shows the McKeowns pull their guns and run towards the armed man, demanding he drop his weapon.

The robber dropped his gun and ran out of the restaurant, but was followed by the McKeowns. They were able to catch and detain the suspect before on-duty Louisville officers arrived.