‘Pandemic puppies’ paying the price as owners go back to work; doggy daycares working to help

DAYTON — Some pet owners that adopted or purchased puppies and dogs during the height of the pandemic are now utilizing doggy day cares as they begin to go back to work.

“A lot of shelters are emptying ... just a lot of people want to get those cute little puppies to stay with them during the pandemic,” said Dayton Pet Care owner Arlissa Smith. “But when it shifts back, they need someone to look after them.”

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Smith and Kay Ross started her doggy day care business after they saw a large number of dogs up for rehoming online.

Ross said the “stay at home” mindset is dwindling, and dogs are left paying the price.

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“I see a lot of the reasons people are dropping their animals in a shelter is they don’t have the time ... they’re at work all the time,” Smith said.

Smith and Ross said their main goal was to give dog owners an option to still work and have a social life, while also caring for their dog.