Mock Draft Monday with Field Yates: You will be shocked how early Bo Nix goes

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'Mock Draft Monday' rolls on ESPN's Field Yates joining Matt Harmon to break down his latest mock draft. Harmon has Yates break down his mock draft methodology and what goes into his decision making when placing certain prospects on certain teams.

Yates shares his dream landing spot for Marvin Harrison Jr. and why he could be the best rookie WR in fantasy we've seen in a long time. Yates dives into what the Atlanta Falcons can do with their pick now that they have Kirk Cousins and whether they should invest in another offensive piece or grab one of the top defensive prospects in the draft.

Yates then shares his favorite mock selections to some of the top NFC contenders. The Eagles shore up their questionable secondary, the Lions finally get another EDGE to compliment Aidan Hutchinson and the 49ers make a splash pick to end the first round.

Harmon and Yates end the show discussing his least favorite pick and if he thinks prospects like Michael Penix and Bo Nix will sneak into the first round.

3:30 - Field Yates' Mock Draft Methodology

8:00 - Arizona Cardinals draft WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

15:30 - Atlanta Falcons draft EDGE Dallas Turner

18:55 - Philadelphia Eagles draft CB Nate Wiggins

22:30 - Lions draft EDGE Darius Robinson

25:40 - San Francisco 49ers draft OT Amarius Mims

28:45 - Field's least favorite pick of his mock (and why Bo Nix is likely going round 1)

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