WHIO-TV profiles 4 unsolved local murders

It is the show that has helped investigators solve some of our area's most haunting murder cases. "Miami Valley Murder Mysteries" airs Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. on WHIO-TV, Channel 7. The 30-minute special profiles 4 unsolved murders and 4 families seeking justice.

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"It's hard to go every day and you're thinking about it. What happened? Who did this to our mother? Who would be a monster to do something like that? It would have to be a monster," said Buford Oglesby of Dayton.

His mother, Lillie Oglesby was murdered in her home on Genesee Avenue in May of 2004 and to this day, her relatives and investigators do not know why. Dayton cold case detective Patricia Tackett has reopened the investigation and has sent DNA for analysis. Tackett is hoping someone who may have information will come forward.

"Some people, their circumstances have changed. So would they be willing to talk now when maybe they wouldn't in 2004?" said Tackett.

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Investigators in Miami County are looking for clues in a case that's haunted them for years: the murder of "The Buckskin Girl." This young woman was given that name 37 years ago when her body was found in a ditch near Troy by a local farmer. She was wearing jeans, a sweater and a brown buckskin jacket with fringe. In April, the "DNA Doe Project" identified her as Marcia Sossoman King, 21, from North Little Rock, Arkansas. Now, investigators said they will zero in on who killed the young woman and why?

"The person that did this should be nervous," said Chief Deputy Steve Lord of the Miami County Sheriff's Office.

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Kelly Camargo was one week from starting her senior year in high school when a night out with friends ended in tragedy. The 16-year-old was last seen alive at a bar in Camden. Her body was found 15 days later by a father and son hunting in the woods of Preble County. That was 25 years ago, and her murder is still unsolved.

"It's devastated me. It's absolutely ripped my heart out," said Christina Copper, Camargo's cousin. "When I lost her, there was a part of me that went with her. I can never get it back."

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Candance Prunty was a 26-year-old single mom who worked hard to support her three young sons. Someone walked into her Springfield home on October 21, 2015 and shot her to death in the kitchen. She was found by her mother, aunt and sister, Tosha Beard.

"My sister was laying there," said Beard. "I just started screaming her name to like, wake her up."

Police detectives believe this crime was personal.

"This one seemed like a crime of passion," said Det. Ron Jordan of the Springfield Police Department.

Detective Jordan admits he does have a "person of interest" in the case, but he is hoping that someone with information about the crime, will give him a call

This is the 5th episode of "Miami Valley Murder Mysteries" profiling a total of 15 unsolved cases. Since the first show in 2013, "Miami Valley Murder Mysteries" has helped detectives develop tips that ended with arrests and convictions in three homicides.

"Miami Valley Murder Mysteries" will also be available on the WHIO app for streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. Details here on how to find the app, and other devices where it's available.

You can also view past “Miami Valley Murder Mysteries” episodes on this app, featuring the cases of Katelyn Marker, Linda Dearth, Raymond Ogle and others.

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