‘We’ve been sweating with it;’ Dog dumping continues to cause problems in Greene County

In March, News Center 7 reported on an uptick in dog dumping at Greene County Animal Control. On Thursday, officials said the issue hasn’t gotten any better.

The issue was so bad in March that the facility was at capacity and struggling to keep up with the issue.

Julie Holmes-Taylor, Greene County Animal Control director, told News Center 7′s Candace Price since then, the amount of dog dumping they’ve seen as increased. Now the facility is at capacity again, meaning not everyone looking to leave their pet can.

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Holmes-Taylor said they’re seeing several incidents of dog dumping a week, compared to the average two they were seeing.

“We’ve been sweating with it,” Holmes-Taylor said.

When asked why people dump their animals, she told News Center 7 that she believes it is because of fear.

“I think they panic a little bit, start looking for ways like, ‘How am I going to take care of this pet?’” Holmes-Taylor said.

She said this panic is especially common with people facing evictions.

Even when the facility has space, Holmes-Taylor said the process isn’t as simple as just walking in and leaving your pet. Animal Control said they have a waiting week to try and rehome the animal, but sometimes it can talk longer. Because of that, Holmes-Taylor suggests trying to plan ahead.

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“Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to find the right person and right fit for your animal,” she said.

Holmes-Taylor said there are consequences to dumping your pet.

“We will still prosecute you. Doesn’t mean that you may not think you have a good reason,” she said. “You’re putting other people in jeopardy.”

In an emergency situation, Animal Control said they will do everything they can to help, but said your best bet is to ask for help ahead of time.