Wayne HS switching to remote learning for 2 weeks amid increase in COVID cases

HUBER HEIGHTS — Wayne High School students will be switching to remote learning temporarily due to an increase in student COVID-19 cases.

In a letter to high school families, Huber Heights City Schools Superintendent Mario Basora announced that students will begin learning remotely for two weeks beginning Wednesday, September 1, with an anticipated end date of September 14.

The transition to remote learning comes after an increase in student COVID-19 cases at the school.

“Since August 16, our district has recorded 60+ positive COVID-19 cases in students. As a result of these cases, a minimum of 300 students have been quarantined,” Basora said in the letter.

Basora stated in the letter that in the first 12 days of school, including three days with mostly only staff present, the number of COVID-19 cases in the school’s students is nearly three times higher than the number of student cases tracked from November 1 to November 13, 2020.

“We need the community to know that our entire school system is under significant strain and a large part of our administration’s day (an average of three hours per case) has been spent on contract tracing and trying to mitigate COVID-19,” Basora said in the letter.

Additionally, due to an air conditioning unit not working at Wayne High School, all students will be off Tuesday, August 31 for a calamity day so repairs can be made.

Basora says high school students are scheduled to return to in-person instruction on Wednesday, September 15.

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