WATCH: Home surveillance video shows importance of smoke detectors as they save young girl’s life

Local fire departments are stressing the importance of smoke detectors after a home surveillance cameras captured them saving a young girl’s life.

At 12:34 a.m. Sunday in Joplin, Missouri, home surveillance cameras captures some rustling sounds outside the house. No one knew the porch was on fire.

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A young girl, asleep on the couch, can be heard coughing as smoke fills the room. Seconds later, fire bursts into the room quickly takes over the house.

The girl remains asleep until smoke alarms start sounding. The girl jumps up and runs out.

No one was injured, and everyone was able to get out safely.

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Miami Valley Fire District fire inspector Chris Amsler said children are used to fire drills at school, but need to know the importance of also practicing at home.

“Whether you live in an apartment complex, single-family home or a two-story house, practice those drills,” he said.

When an emergency strikes, there’s no time to start thinking of a plan.

“They don’t understand how fast the spread of that fire can double in just seconds,” Amsler said,