Runaway Bethel HS students found safe in Huber Heights

Deputies search for two missing Bethel students

UPDATE @ 12:15 a.m. (Oct. 31):

Two Bethel High School students missing since Monday were found safe Wednesday night in Huber Heights.

The 15-year-old boys were found at a Speedway by Huber Heights police and have been returned to their parents, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office said.

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The Miami County Sheriff’s Office believes two Bethel High School students had plans to run away and did so when a basement fire on Monday led school to dismiss early.

Trevor Delamater and Logan Sager, both 15, were entered as missing runaways two days ago after they disappeared.

News Center 7's James Rider spoke with Miami County Sheriff's Capt. Jamie McGlinch about the unusual situation.

“The boys had been talking about running away and put together some plans to run away for some time,” McGlinch said. “We don’t believe the plan was to run away on Monday, they just took advantage of the early dismissal to put their plan into action.”

On Monday, there was a small fire that caused the school to lose power and led to the early dismissal.

Delamater and Sager were last seen getting off the school bus at a stop that’s not usually theirs and were last seen walking north on state Route 202.

Deputies don’t believe the boys are in any danger and that they are together.

“The parents are telling us they don’t have any extra clothes, they don’t have any access to any kinds of funds to travel far,” McGlinch said.

With the temperatures dropping and rainy conditions, the sheriff’s office believes someone is helping them hide. Deputies have been following up on leads from the community and students.

“We’ve been to the residences of friends from school and checked a lot of those residences and so far, we haven’t found them and we’re being told that nobody’s heard from them,” said McGlinch.

Anyone who has one or both of these boys, or who has information on their whereabouts is urged to call the Miami County Sheriff’s Office at 937-440-9911.