Tornado survivor, 12, thankful to be alive: ‘We lived through something that would probably kill us’

HARRISON TWP. — In May 2019, a tornado destroyed 12-year-old Hendrix Walker’s home, moving it off its foundation in Harrison Twp.

Now, he goes to a new school in a new county and lives in a different home.

News Center 7 has been following his family’s recover ever since the Memorial Day tornado outbreak.

The memories of that night are still clear for Hendrix.

He shot a YouTube video, letting his subscribers know what happened: “Yeah, we went through a tornado. We all made it. All our family’s OK. ...

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“All my stuffed animals were whooshed in the air, and now they’re gone.”

The 12-year-old usually used his channel to talk about toys. But on Memorial Day, there was no playful tone to his content.

“It’s very crazy because I was very scared and I was actually really scared and I was just a mess in that video,” Hendrix said.

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Immediately, he knew this storm would change his life. But he continues with his YouTube channel.

“I’ve just been doing all these videos of the old house over the years and it’s kind of hard to do. It’s the same topic, just different destination, which really heartbreaks me,” he said.

Hendrix said the night of the tornadoes, he thought he would be homeless. But now his family lives in a mobile home in Springfield.

“Happily, I’m in this trailer. I know I hate it and stuff, but I’m so happy I’m in here," he said.

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Although it’s not where he wants to live, six months after the storm he said he is thankful his family is safe.

“We lived through something that would probably kill us so I’m really excited about that," he said.

All of these changes do not alter Hendrix’s passion for making videos. He is still active on his YouTube channel.

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