TikTok: ‘We do not condone’ videos that could be linked to increase in Kia, Hyundai thefts

DAYTON — The trend of Kia and Hyundai being overwhelming targets for car thieves continues in Dayton and across the country.

Dayton police have taken more than 100 reports of thefts and attempted thefts of these cars this year.

Law enforcement point to posts on social media that show people who to steal vulnerable cars.

The videos have become a TikTok challenge, leading to an increase in thefts — and car owners are feeling the pain nationwide.

“Its hard to pay your bills, you get a decent ride and someone comes along and snaps it up,” Juanita Blaylock of Chicago said.

And locally, it’s forcing some owners to spend more money for protection.

“I thought we’d try the club, if it gets worse and they keep breaking in, we will get the alarm system put in,” Anna Mercier of Huber Heights said.

“Why should I? I’m still paying for the car,” Mercier added.

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News Center 7′s Mike Campbell reached out to TikTok and asked if they had received complains about the videos and if so, why they haven’t been removed from the website.

“I’m reaching out on behalf of TikTok in response to your inquiry. Could you please share links to the content that you referenced from your search?” TikTok responded.

After being forwarded the links of the videos, TikTok responded again.

“We absolutely do not condone these types of videos and it is something that is being removed from our platforms. We use a combination of technology and dedicated safety teams to ensure that our content aligns with TikTok Community guideline,” they said.

News Center 7 reached out to police and to Hyundai and Kia.

Kia did not respond.

Hyundai said they are working with police and with owners to help them take steps to help prevent their cars from being stolen.