Inn at Versailles closed indefinitely while fire under investigation, owner says

The Inn at Versailles was damaged by a four-alarm fire Tuesday night.

The inn is closed today and the operator of the restaurant and hotel has released the following statement:

“Due to the fire that occurred yesterday at the Inn at Versailles, the hotel and restaurant will be closed for the indefinite future. As the fire is still under investigation and the damage is being assessed, we have no additional details to provide. We will keep you information as changes develop. Thank you for your patience.”

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The fire that was reported around 7 p.m. was difficult to extinguish and involved multiple fire departments.

“We had over 15 fire departments, approximately 100 firefighters that brought multiple units, so not only are we very thankful for the community of Versailles, we’re very appreciative of the surrounding communities,” spokesman, Ken DeMange, director of corporate communication for the Midmark Corp. said.

Crews helped battle the fire and smoke that had spread to the walls and ceilings.

“The fire was traveling through the walls and the ceilings, on multiple levels of ceilings from all the renovations throughout the years, which made it difficult for them to locate the actual source and to extinguish it.”

Everyone was evacuated and no one was injured.

“We did a walk through last night, it was very late in the evening but we also were able to see the damage and try to assess what happened so I'm very pleased that it was minimal damage to what it could have been."

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The smoke appeared to be dissipated around midnight, but crews remained on site throughout the night in case of re-ignition.

The fire is under investigation and the inn will be closed for the indefinite future while the damage is being assessed.

Midmark Corp. will provide any updates with the timeline for the reopening.

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