Suspect claims to be Cincinnati police officer, makes phone threat from apparent escort service

A 54-year-old Beavercreek man received a phone threat from an apparent escort service on Aug. 6 around 5:00 p.m., according to a Dayton police report.

The male caller identified himself as Officer Dick from the Cincinnati Police Department and told the victim he needed to come to an address in Cincinnati to talk about a homicide case.

The victim asked the officer for some additional identification before he refused and hung up, the report stated. He then called the number back, which turned out to be an escort service.

The victim later made contact with a female at the same number who identified herself as Bownan. She gave the phone to a male who told the victim he was a killer and just got out of jail, the report stated.

The victim believes this is the same voice of the male who called him claiming to be Officer Dick.

Dayton police later confirmed that no one named Officer Dick works with the Cincinnati Police Department.

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