Super Bowl: How the Miami Valley is preparing to celebrate

The average American is expected to drop just more than $81 on food, drinks, decorations and merchandise to celebrate the Super Bowl this Sunday.

At Dot’s Market in Bellbrook, the shelves are stocked for Super Bowl shoppers.

“It’s the biggest game of the year. Everyone is always excited about it,” said Jeff Hieber of Bellbrook.

“Eat some cheese dip, order some pizza and call it a night,” is how A.J. Bryant of Bellbrook plans to celebrate.

Dot’s owner Robert Bernhard Jr. said it will be a busy weekend.

“Saturday we will see a little surge but Sunday is our big day all day long,” he said.

“We sell a lot of chicken wings and a lot of dips that we make in store here and obviously adult beverages are very popular as well,” Bernhard said.

This Sunday, Americans will eat nearly 1.4 billion chicken wings — enough to circle Earth three times, according to the National Chicken Council.

Americans are expected to spend a bit more, too: $81.30, which is an increase of about 13 cents over last year.

At Romer’s Bar and Grill in Bellbrook, Leif Hart of Beavercreek said he splurged on the Big Game last year.

“Last Super Bowl I spent like almost $200 bucks between me drinking and eating so $81 seems very par for a lot of people,” he said.

Romer’s bartender Amanda Wright also is expecting a hectic Sunday.

“Definitely carry-outs are going to be crazy so call ahead for those. We should be expecting a huge crowd as well. We always get one on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Total spending in the U.S. on Super Bowl Sunday will top out at close to $15 billion.