Sniffling? Sneezing? Itchy eyes? Pollen very high this week

Are you sneezing? Itchy, red eyes? Congested? Chances are, you're dealing with allergies to tree and grass pollen.

The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency which serves Clark, Darke, Greene, Montgomery and Preble counties reported on Monday, May 14, that tree pollen was very high at 1845.

"Grass pollen typically begins to spike in the middle of May. Unfortunately this week we will likely get double trouble from the grass and tree pollen being elevated”, said Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini.

The pop up rain showers forecasted for this week won't have much impact on these pollen counts because they will be isolated and spotty. We would need to see widespread rain to reduce the tree and grass pollen counts.