Rising Temperatures: How to stay safe during heatwave

Here in the Miami Valley, we are feeling the hot weather that comes along with summer. However, these temperatures are going past normal.

These high temperatures can be dangerous for people whose job requires them to be outside. Heat-related illness can come on quickly.

News Center 7′s Dontre Drexelius spoke with workers who spend their days outside and asked what it’s like to add in the heat.

Rodger Hougland works for Fluid Solutions, and he says the heat and pollen have been causing issues.

>>Excessive Heat Warning for all of Miami Valley; Heat index expected to reach above 105 degrees

“Here lately, it’s been really hot. We’ve been sweating like crazy having to drink a lot of water. You know, of course, we got to stay hydrated with everything. It’s not exactly easy, especially when it gets really dry and everything’s in the air. You got pollen and everything to deal with as well when it comes to the heat,” said Hougland.

If you have to be outside today, stay hydrated, wear light clothing, take multiple breaks, and limit how much you spend outdoors.

Dr. Roberto Colon with Premier Health told us those working outside are at risk of serious injuries.

“It puts anybody who is going to be doing eccentric exertional work outside at a particular risk. And it’s an environment that everybody works in from time to time. But for those who are predominantly doing outdoor work, when it gets very hot and humid at the same time, we start facing some additional concerns. and that is because the body can be injured in as little as 15 to 20 minutes of work.”

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