Prosecutor: Cincinnati officers’ response to shooting ‘heroic’

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CINCINNATI — The actions of Cincinnati officers responding to a deadly mass shooting at Fifth Third Bank were justified and heroic, according Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

“In this case the evidence was overwhelming that the shooting was justified,” read a statement from Deters.

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Per policy, the prosecutor’s office reviews all police use of force cases.

On Sept. 6, 29-year-old Omar Santa-Perez open fired in the Fountain Square bank, killing three and injuring two.

Police Specialist Greg Toyeas and officers Jennifer Chilton, Antonio Etter and Eric Kaminsky responded and shot and killed Santa-Perez on the scene.

“Not only were the actions of the officers justified — they were heroic,” read the statement. “They responded quickly and saved numerous lives. We will never know how many people they saved that day. Sadly, three innocent people died and two people were seriously injured as a result of Perez's actions.”

It is not yet known which officers shot the gunman.

Police released extended body camera footage Thursday, showing the moments leading up to and following their interaction with the shooter.

At one point, footage shows an officer comforting a woman who hid behind a desk during the shooting.

“People may take for granted the work that our first responders do, but I want to personally thank them for their bravery and service to our community,” Deters’ statement read.