Police cracking down on massage parlor sex

Our television camera was there as police surrounded a massage parlor recently off Kemp Road in Beavercreek.

"We were able to obtain evidence of prostitution," said Capt. Eric Grile. of the Greene County Ace Task Force. 

Undercover officers started their investigation months ago after residents in the area called with complaints. On June 30, they executed a search warrant and arrested two employees
on prostitution charges. Investigators said they offered to perform sex acts for money. 

"The trick to law enforcement is to gather the evidence without the act ever commencing. There was never any sexual act performed on any detective, agent, police officer to gather evidence in this case," said Capt. Grile.

On May 25, members of the Greene County Ace Task Force and the Fairborn Police Department served a search warrant at a massage parlor on North Broad Street in Fairborn. They arrested two women for prostitution. 

"We knew something was going on, but couldn't really prove it," said Amanda, a neighbor who did not want to give her last name. "It was only men that went in and out, only men. They had a good business going on."

The massage parlor was closed shortly after the raid, but Amanda said customers still show up. Amanda said she got a dog for protection.

Kettering Police are also cracking down on massage parlors. One officer showed us how people go online and use special web sites and language to look for massage parlors where employees perform sex acts. They identified a location off Bigger Road and arrested a women for soliciting. Zoning violations shut down her business. 

"On their blog and on their forums, they kept saying this was the place to go," said Lt. Kevin Kavanaugh of the Kettering Police Department. "If they're doing anything illicit, we're going to go in there and throw them out of Kettering." 

As for the operation in Beavercreek, it is still open but under investigation. 

"The detectives are working on the paperwork of the business to determine if it has ties to other businesses and especially to see if it's tied to any human trafficking operation," said Capt. Grile. 

No ties have been found at this time and police said the business remains open.