Police continue to investigate reports of area Kroger customers being overcharged

MORAINE — An area police department is asking residents to check their Kroger receipts after multiple reports of shoppers being overcharged.

Since people who use the Kroger delivery feature sometimes have their items dropped off by Instacart workers, it’s causing a problem for some.

The Moraine Police Department is telling people to be careful when using the delivery service.

“People need to be vigilant if they are placing the Kroger delivery service,” Sergeant Andrew Parish with Moraine police said.

Some users are losing hundreds of dollars.

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“One customer was charged over $500 for an order that she originally places for only maybe $100,” Parish said.

The customer never received their groceries and neither did a user who was charged $630 for their order.

“Either only a portion of the order was being delivered, or none of the items at all,” Parish said.

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Two suspects have been identified in the scheme, according to Parish.

“They have admitted to these fraudulent charges, and even returned a lot of the merchandise,” he said.

Parish said if anyone notices any fraudulent charges from a delivery service they should not be there to give the department a call.

“We’d like to get those people identified so that we can formally charge the people that are responsible,” he added.

News Center 7 has reached out to Instacart and Kroger for a comment but has yet to receive a response.