Pfizer, Moderna asking for approval of 4th vaccine dose; What to know

MIAMI VALLEY — Both Pfizer and Moderna want adults to get a fourth COVID-19 booster shot.

Pfizer wants the United States Food and Drug Administration’s approval for people ages 65 and older, while Moderna wants it for all adults.

Dan Suffoletto, public information manager with Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County shared how manufacturers decided another vaccine was needed.

Suffoleetto said that manufacturers of various vaccines continually study how long doses of the vaccine will provide protection.

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By analyzing the data of people already vaccinated, they are estimating another dose of the vaccine could be needed.

The Ohio Department of Health reports just over 3.4 million people have received a booster dose so far.

Suffoletto said there are still many who have not received their initial booster and don’t think it’s necessary as cases decrease.

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“They may think ‘well cases are going down I don’t need to get boosted’ but in fact, you do need to get boosted to keep those cases down,” he said.

Especially as the future of the virus remains uncertain Suffoletto explained.

“As we go forward throughout the years, we don’t know what other variants are going to come, we don’t know types of adjustments were made in the vaccine, so it’s just something to monitor,” he said.

The FDA has said will meet in April to have a discussion about considerations for the 2022 booster shots.