Oregon District Shooting: Names of the 9 slain shouted to the heavens in effort to reclaim district

DAYTON — Correction: A previous version of this story indicated U.S. Representative Mike Turner (R-Dayton), was at the gathering in the Oregon District Thursday and that he lost a family member in the mass shooting. Both were incorrect. First the Mike Turner that was at the gathering was not the Congressman, it was Logan Turner’s dad, one of the victims of the mass shooting. Additionally, the Congressman’s daughter was in the Oregon District during the shooting in 2019 but was not injured.

Those who gathered in the Oregon District tonight on the third anniversary of the mass shooting shouted the names of the nine souls that were lost on Aug. 4, 2019.

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The gesture, along with the release of 10 doves for each person killed as well as for Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Yates, who was cut down in the line of duty days ago, was an effort to reclaim the section of Dayton from the hate that turned the happy times that night into minutes of horror and seemingly unending days of sorrow.

There was a moment of silence Thursday night. There was crying. There was hugging. But there also was singing accompanied by a marching band as well as dancing.

“I thought it was going to be more somber, but I’m glad it’s more of a celebration,” Dayton resident Daneilia Thorne told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis.

Dion Green, who lost his father to the gunfire that night, has gone on to create the Fudge Foundation in honor of his father, Derrick.

“I just wanted to bring us together with some words of encouragement, some words to lift our souls up because this is a sad day,” he told the gathering. “The impact of what has happened, whether it’s a mass shooting or community violence, it doesn’t go away.”

Mike Turner, one of the people in the gathering, whose son Logan was killed in the shooting, put his arm around Dion. Mike said he too, wants the violence to stop.

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Dion Green’s heart was especially heavy Thursday night because Deputy Yates was included in the celebration. Yates was Green’s cousin.

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Green’s idea for the Fudge Foundation came from the tragedy that claimed his father. In an interview with our news partner, 10tv.com (WBNS) in Columbus, Green said he is frustrated by the lack of advancement against gun violence. In August 2021, he and other survivors and families of victims filed a lawsuit in Nevada against the manufacturer of the large capacity magazine used in the Oregon District shooting.

William Hardy of Dayton tried to put what he witnessed Thursday night in perspective. “They’re still healing. Yeah, you could never get over nothing like that. My prayers go out to everybody. We need to get along better as a community.”