Northridge Schools ask parent’s input on fully remote options, cancellation of sports

DAYTON — Parents of Northridge Local Schools are being asked to give their input on new suggestions made by Public Health that schools within Montgomery County districts complete the first nine weeks online and cancel sports and extracurriculars.

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Northridge has asked parents to fill out an online survey by tomorrow.

“The Dayton & Montgomery County Health Department has recommended that all schools in our county start the school year on a stay-at-home remote learning platform,” read a Facebook post from the school district.

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“The Health Department has also recommended that we close down our football program as well as our band and choir for the start of the school year.”

Northridge noted in the post that Public Health said they would support any district who decided to continue to offer an at-school physical distance option.

“We are prayerfully and cautiously weighing our options in light of these new recommendations.”

Franchesca Hackworth, WHIO

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