New Ohio National Guard members prepare for HIRT

HIRT training for Ohio National Guard

New members of the Ohio National Guard prepared for basic training this morning.

One weekend a month they go through training to better prepare the members for basic.

On Sunday’s, they go through high intensity resilience training (HIRT) which is meant to stress the recruits and is part of the recruit sustainment program.

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Recruiters credit this training with the reason that Ohio led the nation with nearly 99 percent of its soldier’s successfully entering basic training.

“It’s going to make you feel more comfortable and it’s obviously going to produce more successful results. The hardest part about basic training is not knowing,” said Sergeant Ryen Carter.

For those that enter basic training, they said it helps put their minds at ease.

“It helps a lot in getting prepared and just being able to realize that’s how it’s like. It’s not going to be as bad as I think it is,” said Private Alexis Ireton.

Many members of the program have graduated from basic training with honors.