Wright-Patt: 911 call prompting active shooter response not released; later calls detail chaos

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — The initial 911 call that prompted a large response to a reported active shooter at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will not be released until the investigation into the incident is complete, base officials said.

Marie Vanover, director of public affairs for the base, said the base will not comment on what is said during the call or whether it was related to the exercise that was taking place on the base.

Other agencies bordering the base received 911 calls reporting the incident.

Officials: No ‘real world’ active shooter incident at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

A caller to Fairborn 911 reported a shooter on the base and the Fairborn dispatcher transferred the call to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s command center, which handles emergency dispatching for the base.

During the call you hear police yell in the background and a noise, which could possibly be a gunshot, however officials have not confirmed that.


CALLER: "Help there's a shooter on the base."

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: "There's a shooting on the base, are they in your building?"

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: "Tell me what building you're in."

The caller tells the dispatcher she is in the clinic at the base.

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: "Is there only one clinic?"

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: "I'm going to transfer you to Wright-Patt stay on the line."

The call is transferred to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s command center and while the Wright-Patterson dispatcher answers the line, you hear in the background, “Police open up!”

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "Command center…hello? Ma'am are you there."

Twelve seconds after “police open up,” is heard, a loud noise, possibly a gunshot is heard in the background.

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "Ma'am I'm here whenever you can say anything."

CALLER: "Hello? Hello?"

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "Yes ma'am can you hear me?"

CALLER: (Inaudible)

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "Are you at the hospital?"

CALLER: "Yes…(inaudible)"

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "We have individuals on their way to the Red Clinic. Are you in the Red Clinic?"

CALLER: "Yes."

WPAFB DISPATCHER: "Yes ma'am there are police. They're trying to get into the red clinic. They are aware of the situation. Take cover. Make sure you turn your phone off, put it on silent. Barricade yourself and try not to make any noise, OK? They are aware of the situation and are trying to get to you. Just stay calm. I'm sorry I have to alert more personnel, so they can get to you and can help you, but stay calm now, OK."

A caller from inside the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center also called Greene County 911 to report an active shooter Thursday.

The call to Greene County came 19 minutes after Wright-Patterson officials said they received a call to their defense operation center that prompted a response on a report of an active shooter at the hospital.

“Help help,” the female caller whispered to Greene County dispatchers.  “Wright-Patterson Air Force Base…active shooter Building 830.”

The dispatcher asked the caller if they knew who was involved, to which the caller responded saying, “no.”

GREENE COUNTY DISPATCHER: "How many shots have you heard?"

CALLER: "A lot…I've heard I don't know…4 or 5."

GREENE COUNTY DISPATCHER: "Where are you hiding?"

CALLER: "In my office.

Fairborn police received an additional call from a man, who said he was on the third floor of the Wright-Patterson Medical Center.

CALLER: "Yes sir, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: 'Where are you on the base?"

CALLER: "I'm on the third floor. Are you guys responding to this thing."

FAIRBORN DISPATCHER: "This is Fairborn I'm transferring calls to Wright-Patt. What building are you in?"

CALLER: "I'm in the hospital building."