Montgomery County Environmental Services to host ‘Test Your Water’ event

Montgomery County Environmental Service partnered with local agencies, including the Miami Conservancy District and Ohio Water Well Association to host “Test Your Water” event on July 23 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Every participant will get a free confidential lead, arsenic and manganese test during the event at Montgomery County Environmental Lab, 4257 Dryden Road in Moraine.

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“Test Your Water” will feature:

  • A well driller and water treatment representative from the Ohio Water Well Association
  • Representatives from Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County to answer questions about maintaining safe private water systems
  • Discounted bacteria test kids for $20
  • Other metal tests will be available ($12 for the first metal plus $14 for each additional metal)

Residents are asked to bring a one-liter (or at least 16-oz.) water bottle for analysis. Collect the sample after six hours of non-use or when you first turn on the water in the morning.