Montgomery Co. Board of Elections offering curbside voting for those with COVID-19, disability

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — The Montgomery County Board of Elections is ready for election day tomorrow and there are special procedures in place for those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

If a person has COVID-19 or a disability, they are still able to cast their vote via curbside voting.

On the ground floor of the Montgomery County Administration Building, several parking spaces have been reserved for curbside voting.

“That is to be used if you’re handy-capped and unable to get into the building, or some unique circumstance, or if you have COVID symptoms or you’ve tested positive,” said Jeff Rezabek, Board of Elections Director.

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Board of elections members say you can pull in, park and vote from your vehicle.

“We will setup a team, there is a phone number on that request and then what will happen is our team will then go out to the car, they will then have the safety precautions and you can vote in your own vehicle,” Rezabek said.

After filling out a ballot, you return it through your window.

Poll worker staffing is limited, so the service should only be utilized for those who can’t vote in-person.

Mask-wearing will be required and be provided to those who forget to wear one.

Board of elections representatives say this service is strictly for those with COVID-19 or a disability.