‘A lot safer;’ Tree cutting company prepares for windy weather this week

GREENE COUNTY — A tree-cutting company is busy trimming trees in preparation for predicted 45-mile-per-hour winds on Wednesday.

Massive limbs can cause a tree to become unstable and fall over, which can be very dangerous.

“There’s a big limb that’s causing the tree to be unbalanced. We get a lot of trees that uproot,” Owner of 3N1 Tree Service, Stuart Moats said.

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The lack of stability can become a major problem depending on the weather.

“The right strong wind after a rain could blow that tree uproot it into the barn,” Moats said.

With winds predicted to reach the 40′s this week, 3N1 Tree Service is busy clearing out dangerous limbs, and they are moving clients up to beat the weather.

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“We moved up some of our trimming. You decrease the surface area so that when the winds blowing the wind blows through the tree and not up against the tree to where it makes it a lot safer,” Moats said.

Trimming trees prevents limbs from falling on a house, a car, or someone else.

Moats said the best thing to do to be proactive is to get their trees taken care of because trying to cut these branches during a storm is not safe for anyone.

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