Los Angeles Bengals bar owner talks impact of Cincinnati’s playoff run, Super Bowl appearance

LOS ANGELES — The Cincinnati Bengals’ upcoming Super Bowl appearance is electrifying for fans here in Ohio, but also for a bar known well to Los Angeles-based Bengals fans.

Tom Singer told our news partners at WCPO that his bar, 5 Line Tavern, adopted Bengals fans and hosts them on game days. He said they have seen an increase in business and Bengals fans during Cincinnati’s historic playoff run.

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“The last three weeks have been like nothing we’ve ever seen,” Singer said. “We’ve had to bring security lines out the door, turning people away.”

One of the fans that hangs out at 5 Line Tavern is Todd Armstrong, who helps run the “BengalsWest” fan group in California. He told WCPO that while he wears Bengals hats all the time, people are starting to acknowledge him and give the team compliments.

“People now see my hear and they’re like, ‘Oh, you guys are for real,’” Armstrong said.

Singer, an Australia native, told WCPO that while he did not grow up around the NFL, he has become a Bengals fan.

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“After this season, how could you not be a fan? I think just watching this comeback, watching everything turn around - you can’t write a better story for a football team,” Singer said.

Singer said regardless of the outcome, this season has “definitely put Cincinnati on the map” for those in Los Angeles, even Rams fans.

“I think I think everyone here is just so stoked, regardless of who your team is to see the Bengals this far ahead,” Singer said.

Singer told WCPO that his inbox is full of people asking for reservations from people flying in from Cincinnati.