Judge: Darke County farmer will go to jail next time cows get loose

Loose cows pose risk to drivers

Cows on a Darke County farm have escaped their enclosure 28 times since 2011, putting drivers who travel near the U.S. 36 and state Route 121 property in danger.

Bruce Beatty’s pregnant daughter-in-law was driving his SUV on Dec. 16 when she got into a crash with a cow from Lowell Garber’s farm.

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“Could have lost them both. My son could have been a widower. My grandkids could’ve had to live without their mother,” Beatty said.

There were no injuries from the crash.

Judge Julie Monnon said Garber, 72, will have to spend 14 days in jail if he is cited again for his cows wandering onto the road.

He was fined $250 and restitution for damage to the SUV in the cow-car crash.

Garber spent three days in jail following a conviction in September.

“Is somebody going to have to die out there because this man won’t control his cattle?” Beatty said.

Judge Monnon also suggested what many have — it may be time Garber give up his cows.