Local school district unveils new transportation plan that will impact thousands of families

DAYTON — Jaquilla Walton has two kids at Dayton Public Schools.

“I have one going to seventh grade and I have one going into third. So I have middle and elementary,” Walton said.

For a single, working mom she said it’s a challenge getting both kids out the door each morning.

“Different buildings, two different hours, two different busses. It’s very hard,” she said.

DPS’ new plan is supposed to help make things easier for thousands of families like hers.

“Just within the last week or so. I just received some notices on ParentSquare about the new tier zone, the bell schedule, on the school bus zones,” Walton said.

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As News Center 7 previously reported earlier this spring, DPS is switching from four transportation zones to two North and South.

Under the old system, K-8 students had to to go a school in their zone to get school bus transportation through the district.

DPS said the new approach is aimed at giving families more school options allowing siblings to ride together when it’s possible and making district transportation more efficient.

Walton said the changes will actually make it harder on her — she thinks it means her seventh grader will be without a school bus.

“I believe I will have to take one kid to school. I will have to transport one kid and then the other will be able to ride the bus,” she said.

DPS Superintendent David Lawrence said the spring would be the first step in overhauling the district’s transportation system.

Their ultimate goal is to transport all their students K-12, but the move only impacts K-8.

The district said high school students will use RTA buses.

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