Graffiti plagues Dayton food pantry, scares off some in need

Local food pantry impacted by graffiti

DAYTON — With God’s Grace food pantry on Springfield Street in Dayton is working to solve a graffiti problem that is hampering their ability to serve the needy.

Multiple graffiti artists have tagged the side of the pantry’s building and some of the families who use the pantry are worried because they do not know whether the graffiti is gang-related.

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Nicole Adkins, the director of the pantry, is trying to create a mural on the side of the pantry to cover up the graffiti. She has invited any of the artists who sprayed the building to come back and showcase their artistic talents in creating the mural.

Adkins says she hopes to have most of the graffiti off the walls before the end of the week so work can begin on painting the mural.