Kroger Fuel Points changes could confuse people filling up their gas tanks

Kroger has changed the way it distributes its Fuel Points and it is causing some confusion for those who fill up their gas tanks there, our partners at WCPO-TV report.

Saving money at the gas pump is something so many are trying to do as the average price of gas in the Dayton region is at $3.85 a gallon Monday morning.

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In the last week, Kroger has changed the way fuel points appear on the pump screen, and it is causing some customers to believe that some of their coveted points have vanished, WCPO reported.

Here’s what has changed, according to Kroger spokeswoman Jenifer Moore:

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Instead of showing you that you qualify for a certain discount, you now are given three options.

  • Last month’s remaining points
  • This month’s points
  • No points, which means you simply default to a 3 cent discount.

Moore said the change was designed to prevent customers from losing the previous months points, which frequently would happen when you have more points this month than last month.

“If you wait too long to decide what points to use, it defaults to the no-points 3-cent discount,” Moore said.

Moore told News Center 7 Monday evening the Kroger tech team is working to extend the amount of time customers have to make a choice.

“We are working to allow additional time on the display for customers to make their fuel points selection with this update. Additional signage will also be placed at the pump in the coming days to advise customers of the new prompts,” Kroger said in a statement.

Kroger said in the statement that if customers have questions regarding their fuel points, they can call 1-800-KROGERS (576-4377).