Indian Lake State Park to reopen today, cleanup continues 2 weeks after deadly tornado

LOGAN COUNTY — Indian Lake State Park is set to reopen today, 2 weeks after a deadly EF-3 tornado tore through Logan County.

Indian Lake State Park was one of several areas heavily damaged in the tornado outbreak about two weeks ago.

When the park reopens today, the water will be ready for boats but leaders say that it’s not safe to swim in the lake just yet.

Crews are still out on the lake, working to clean up debris. ODNR says ‘Fox Island’ will be closed until further notice because of the damage there.

The focus is on making sure the lake is ready for the busy summer season.

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The Indian Lake Nonprofit ‘Boaters Helping Boaters’ is coordinating giving back thousands of dollars they’ve received from the community.

John West, the President of Boaters Helping Boaters said they are trying to speed up the recovery process, making sure Indian Lake is ready for the unofficial kick-off to summer.

“Memorial weekend honestly to be the first really good official time that everybody will probably put this behind them,” West said.

People in Logan County hope that with the State Park reopening today, they can start to feel normal again.

Bud Christman, the owner of Bud’s Marina said he was excited about the park reopening.

“Getting closer to being a little more normal. And the way the community is and seeing the light get to be opened is kind of exciting,” Christman said. “Emotionally, it’s still not over because we’re just all holding our breath to get through it.”

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