I-TEAM: FBI search Dayton home linked to Beavercreek Walmart mass shooter

DAYTON — Federal investigators served a search warrant at the home of the man police have identified as the shooter at the Beavercreek Walmart.

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During a news conference where police provided updates on Monday night’s shooting, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Zrinka Dilber at the Cincinnati field office of the FBI said agents served a search warrant at the home of Benjamin C. Jones, 20, of Dayton.

Jones has since been identified as the shooter who injured four people Monday night.

Jones was later pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Beavercreek police.

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Court documents obtained by the News Center 7 I-Team show Jones lived at a home in the 6900 block of Buell Lane.

News Center 7 was on scene at a home on Buell Lane when two people who identified themselves as FBI agents were questioning neighbors. Both agents requested News Center 7 conceal their identities based on their investigation.

Around 3:30 p.m., a marked Dayton Police cruiser arrived outside the home linked to Jones. The nature of the new police presence was not immediately known.

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David Hanson has lived in the neighborhood since 2009. He said it’s very quiet and secluded.

“You gotta come back here for a reason…If you’re back here, you’re back here to visit somebody,” Henson said.

Hanson showed News Center 7′s John Bedell a video captured by an at-home security camera showing multiple Dayton police cruisers heading down Buell Lane.

“We get maybe one or two cars a week down here, if you don’t live on this street you don’t come down here. It’s one of those very secluded areas, mostly military, cops, firemen stuff like that. The amount of cars we’ve seen is just very, very unusual,” Hanson said.

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He said the people who live in the house are very quiet and haven’t lived there long.

“They haven’t been here long at all, about a year, year and a half, keep to themselves, real quiet, you know don’t socialize much,” Hanson said.

The I-Team uncovered court records Tuesday that show the only charges in Jones’ past came in August when an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper arrested him on suspicion of OVI in Greene County.

The only other interaction Jones had with law enforcement that the I-Team found came when Fairborn police showed up at an address listed for Jones two different times — in April and May of 2022. In police reports from both instances, officers indicated they responded to deal with a suicidal subject and listed Jones as the subject of the call.

We are working to learn more information about the FBI’s investigation.

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