‘I immediately took action;’ Springfield teacher credited with saving choking second grader

SPRINGFIELD — A Springfield elementary school teacher was in the right place at the right time this week.

This is Ryan Dunn’s first year teaching first-grade at Lincoln Elementary School. When a second-grade student began choking on a bottle cap in the hallway on Thursday, he jumped right into action to save the child’s life.

“I just noticed that a student was choking and I immediately took action,” Dunn told News Center 7. “I walked over, I did five back blows and then five abdominal thrusts and repeated that action until I noticed the object was dislodged.”

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Dunn says the situation was scary, but thankfully he knew just what to do.

“It was very scary, but I know I’ve been trained in CPR and and lifeguarding and first aid for a long time now, so I just trusted my training,” he said.

Dunn says he is also certified to teach lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid.

“It’s important to pay attention and take the training very seriously,” he said.

Dunn says the universal sign of choking is seeing hands on the throat, and if you see that, it’s important to either get help or take action immediately.