Huber Heights Police investigate ‘reshipping’ scam

HUBER HEIGHTS — The Huber Heights Police Department is currently investigating “reshipping scams.”

According to a recent post on the Huber Heights Police Department Facebook page, the scammers send citizens an email offering them a job or asking them to help in a Secret Santa program. They have also been known to post on job sites as a “work from home” job.

The post says that “Citizens are told items will be shipped to them, they may be asked to open the packages and photograph the items. Then repackage several boxes into a bigger box and ship to a third party, often outside of the U.S.”

Detectives believe the packages are being purchased with stolen credit cards and are using unsuspecting citizens to lauder the stolen items.

If you feel as if you have been a victim of this scam or have any additional information, the Huber Heights Police Department urges you to call them at 937-233-2080.

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