How local districts decide to delay, close schools for cold temperatures

MIAMI VALLEY — As winter weather begins to make an appearance in the Miami Valley along with bitterly cold wind chills, many schools districts have decided to delay or close.

News Center 7′s Molly Koweek spoke with two local districts on how they make those decisions.

At Trotwood-Madison City Schools Superintendent Reva Cosby said that when the forecast dips to a feel like temperature of minus 10 the district will either delay or cancel school.

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Cosby said the district understands the seriousness of frostbite and doesn’t want to take that risk for their children.

Darren Flowers waits at the bus stop with his grandchildren, who are students at Trotwood-Madison, and said he worries about children standing outside in bitterly cold temperatures.

Flowers also said he wished schools made decisions sooner — a concern Cosby said her district takes seriously.

Frostbite is also something Kettering City School District considers, according to Director of Business Services Ken Lackey.

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But unlike Trotwood-Madison, Kettering does not have a specific temperature threshold but monitors weather forecasts from local stations like WHIO and the national weather service.

Lackey said that the district wants to make sure every student gets to school safely whether they are standing at the bus stop or walking to school.