‘He thought it was over;’ Girlfriend of man injured in DMAX shooting says he is ‘traumatized’

MORAINE — A deadly shooting at a Moraine manufacturing plant is having a ripple impact across the area, both on workers and their families as well as neighbors.

DMAX did not open the plant today, partly because of the ongoing investigation, but also to allow workers, even those that didn’t work last night, to process what happened.

News Center 7 spokes with the girlfriend of a man injured in the shooting Thursday night.

>> Police identify victim of shooting at DMAX plant in Moraine; Suspect in critical condition

“Just that he thought it was over, he was about to lose his life,” said Candace Champ.

Champ was at the DMAX plant Friday morning picking up the car her boyfriend drove to work.

He left the plant in the ambulance after being hit in the foot.

Champ said her boyfriend is fine, but is just in pain and “traumatized.”

>> PHOTOS: 1 dead, 2 injured including suspected shooter at Moraine DMAX plant

“He actually seen the dude shoot the other dude, they were right behind him,” Champ said.

Champ feels fortunate her boyfriend will survive his injuries.

He told her it all happened with very little warning.

“He said he heard a little bit of bickering and that was it, he started shooting and he tried to get away and a bullet hit him in the foot,” she said.

911 calls from inside the plant sparked a massive emergency response.

“Continuous sirens, it was scary, I wasn’t sure what was happening,” said Natalie Frese.

Frese was walking her dog across from the plant and then saw someone running towards her.

“He said there’s an active shooter at DMAX, you might want to get in the house, I got in the house,” she said.

Frese said she could see hundreds of workers going to their cars in the parking lots from inside.

“We’ve got a family, it’s scary, we locked the house,” she said.

The people inside the plant didn’t have that option.

Now all the survivors must deal with the emotional and mental strain.

“He’s ok, just in pain, seeing that image in his head,” Champ said.

News Center 7 will continue providing updates as new details become available.