Polls are open: Find your polling place for today’s special election

The polls open today for Ohio’s special election. Do you know where to vote and what COVID-19 precautions there are?

If you forgot where your polling place is or if it has possibly moved since November, finding where to go can be as simple as doing a quick search on your computer or phone.

Montgomery County residents can go to the Montgomery County Board of Elections’ website and enter their first and last name to see where you can vote.

If you live outside of Montgomery County, you can find your polling place on your county’s board of elections website.

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Today will be the third election day since last summer, and COVID-19 precautions can be expected at the polls.

“Everyone’s going to have masks on. There’s going to be hand sanitizer for everybody. You’ll also have a stylus or a pen, you can keep that as a gift from the Board of Elections, thank you for voting. All of the other precautions, six feet away. We’re cleaning the machines after people use them,” said Jeff Rezebek, Director of Montgomery County Board of Elections. “We just encourage people to come out and vote.”

The same message can be heard from early voters on Monday, who are hoping people come out to vote on special election day when voter turnout is typically lower than a primary or general election.

“It’ll probably not have a lot of people out tomorrow, but I would still encourage people to come out and vote, look at those issues, because that may make a difference as to how our tax dollars are going to be spent,” said Francis McGee-Cromartie, former Montgomery County Judge.

McGee-Cromartie said various issues got her attention to go to the polls.

“I wanted to make sure that I did it, did not get caught up in my everyday life, and forget to do that. It’s a responsibility I have as a citizen,” McGee-Cromartie said.

News Center 7 will be tracking results from the local boards of elections tonight and will provide updates as they come in on the WHIO-TV website.