Early voting begins Tuesday for August Special Election

DAYTON — Today, July 10, is the last day to register to vote for the August 8 special election in Ohio, or if you’ve moved or changed your name, it’s the last day to update your voter registration.

Early voting for August 8 starts July 11 and voting machines will be used for early voting. While the August 8 special election is just getting started for voters, election workers are already working ahead to the November general election.

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While he deals with voter registration and early voting preps, Montgomery County Board of Elections Director, Jeff Rezabek, wasn’t the only Miami Valley election official to say he’s working ahead four months to November.

They have until July 20 to verify signatures from two campaigns working to get two things on the November ballot.

“The Board of Elections team has been here since early Friday morning all weekend and will probably continue all the way through the 20th late hours,” Rezabek said.

One would be a proposed constitutional amendment having to do with abortion for voters to decide, and another would be for voters to decide whether Ohio should allow recreational pot.

Boards of election staff work to verify signatures that campaigns collect by checking them against their county voting records.

“The combined total was about 60,000 signatures Montgomery County has to verify,” Rezabek said.

Then, after that August 8 special election, they’ll be working to certify the results late next month.

By that time, local BOEs will already be working on other deadlines associated with the November election. And, once they certify the fall races and issues around Thanksgiving, they’ll be just a few weeks away from dealing with the state’s latest redistricting deadline in December.

That is all to have districts for Ohio’s U.S. House seats, plus the Ohio Senate and Ohio House districts drawn in time for Ohio’s presidential primary, which is scheduled for March.

The board of elections always needs poll works. If you are interested in being a poll worker, you can contact your local board of elections.