Drone company chooses Miami Valley for new testing site

SPRINGFIELD — Sicdrone, a Massachusetts-based company, picked the Miami Valley to do its testing.

News Center 7′s Molly Koweek went to the Springfield Beckley Airport to check out the company testing their sic5t’s limits.

These drones have the capability to go twice as fast as the average drone in conditions most cannot.

“We have tilt-rotor capability, which means two of our six arms tilt 180 degrees to help us with precision flight, as well as our top speed capabilities,” said Kevin Corrigan with Sicdrone.

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In November, the Evtol Companies were testing at the same airport.

These electric vertical takeoffs and landing aircraft businesses hope to revolutionize air travel.

Joyce Neal with the Dayton Development Coalition says, “the ability to test beyond the visual line of sight is something that is really attractive to these companies, and we want them to come here and test their aircraft and conduct their research, and you know really be able to see what their aircraft’s capable of doing.”

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Each of the companies testing in Springfield has different missions.

For Sicdrone that’s working with renewable energy companies to do inspections, surveying, and delivery work in extreme weather conditions.

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