All dogs have been adopted after 125 seized from condemned Miami County home

UPDATE @ 9 p.m. (May 8):

All of the dogs that were seized and relinquished to the Miami County Animal Shelter have been adopted.

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There were 125 dogs, including two found dead, removed Monday from a Peebles Road home after deputies responded to a complaint.

Four dogs are pregnant, and the litters likely will be ready for adoption in several weeks. In addition, the animal shelter still has many other dogs available who are looking for homes, according to a release from Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, who commended the overwhelming response from the community.

“It was truly amazing the amount of support received from the community on such short notice,” Duchak stated.

Due to the generosity of the community, the shelter is no longer in need of dog food or dog beds, however, the shelter does need flea and tick medicines and slip leads for those who would like to donate.

UPDATE @ 11:50 a.m. (May 7):

There were 125 dogs seized by the Miami County Animal Shelter and two teenage children moved to a different home by Miami County Children’s Services following a search warrant executed Monday on Peebles Road in Troy.

The search warrant came after a May 2 complaint of a barking dog, according to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

Many of the dogs removed from the residence were puppies, mostly consisting of toy poodles and shih tzus. Deputies discovered two dead dogs in the yard.

Miami County Animal Shelter officials asked various rescue groups to assist with adoption, and local veterinarians and dog groomers are helping care for the dogs.

Criminal charges likely will be filed after the sheriff’s office consults with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office. An investigation into the case is ongoing.

Information about animal adoption is available on the the Miami County Animal Shelter website.


Officials removed 125 dogs, reportedly both alive and dead, from a condemned house on Peebles Road Monday afternoon, according to a incident report from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

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The report stated that a search warrant was executed at the home around 1 p.m with animal control officers and a Miami County Sheriff’s deputy.

A deputy was seen wearing a face mask when he entered the home.

The family also was at the property, which was condemned by the county health department with signs posted on the home. They weren’t allowed to stay overnight, according to a deputy on scene.

The deputy on scene wouldn’t comment on the conditions, but when asked whether it was dirty, he said, “it’s condemned.”

The dogs were all described as small breeds. Four were taken to a local vet, the report stated.

Miami County Children’s Services are working to learn whether two juveniles were living in the residence.

This case is still under investigation.