Dangerous heat: Do’s and don’ts for car safety during scorching temperatures

Extreme heat can be dangerous for people, pets and our cars.

>> Excessive Heat Warning for entire region through Wednesday; Heat index over 105 degrees expected

News Center 7′s Haley Kosik spoke to experts about the do’s and don’ts for car safety during dangerous heat.

It’s important to have water with you in the hot weather, but AAA says water bottles can be a fire hazard when left in a hot car.

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They can act like magnifying glasses when the sun hits it just right, according to AAA.

Here is a list of other items AAA recommends you remove from a hot car:

  • Bottles of water or other drinks
  • Electronics
  • Medicines
  • Food and plants
  • Anything explosive

“Including lighters, a lot of times, people don’t think about the lighters and leave them in the car, but those things at a certain temperature will explode as well,” said Kara Hitches, a spokesperson for AAA.

News Center 7 also spoke to Matt Miller with Carl’s Body Shop in Dayton about protecting your car in extreme heat.

“And so you want to make sure that you check your tire pressure, make sure all the fluids are checked in your car, make sure your radiator is full, make sure your hoses are good and get it checked out by a mechanic,” Miller said.

Miller also says you should try to park under shade and crack you winds to relieve and release the built-up heat inside your car.